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Natural hair salons

Are in a special class of black beauty.  Furthermore, when searching online for black natural hair salons near me, there is one natural hair salon.  That is none other than The Beauty Lounge.  A staple in the natural hair movement, it also the standard in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Everything a salon should be, the question becomes, is there a black natural hair salon near me that goes by the name, The Beauty Lounge. 

More Than Welcome

The mission is simple.  It is to bring out the inner beauty in women from all walks of life.  No need to Google a natural hair salon near me, or the best natural hair salon near me.  You’ve come to the right place.  And that is The Beauty Lounge. Also when you choose us, you will leave looking and feeling more beautiful then when you came in. 

The Beauty Lounge caters to the progressive Black Woman.  We also specialize in natural hair care, and Goddess braids.

A Master Of Style

Want the perfect cut? Hair cuts are trimmed to precision at this creme of the crop salon. Also want to add some color to your hair? From accents, highlights to full the color rebel, we’ve got you.  Also, we go all out on hair coloring services. 

Likewise other services include silky smooth hair relaxers, weaves and professional hair installs. Also don’t forget about professional eyelash services and makeup services.

Whatever your hair style is, rest assured that we’ve got you covered. Also when you come in, you will look and feel so much better when you leave, then when you came in. 

We’re Waiting

Divas and queens can find us right near the Bayfair Bart Station. It’s best to setup an appointment to make sure we can find the right slot to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We also accept walk-ins from time to time.  Who knows, you just might make a friend..or two.

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