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Welcome to The Faq page for Jypsy Magic. Customers can find quick answers to common questions concerning user accounts, billing, shipping and other important information.


What is Jypsy Magic?

Jypsy Magic is the exclusive online retailer of The Beauty Lounge. Only at Jypsy Magic customers can find exclusive hair wraps, body butters and more.  Enjoy our selection, and thanks for visiting us.


What is your return policy?

All purchases and sales at Jypsy Magic are final. No refunds will be granted.


I cannot complete my order.

In case you’re experiencing some kinds of technical issues when submitting your order please don’t worry. Our website is completely secure so any details you’re worried about will be protected. In the meantime, you can contact our customer services who will be more than happy to complete your order for you. Just contact us at: bblackmmagic2010@hotmail.com

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