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Fashion Gift Cards

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Online gift cards is the best way to spread the power and the beauty of Jypsy Magic for those who can’t get enough of the unique fashion products. Customers can share the mystique, the grace, the glamour, the commitment to Black excellence with that special Black woman through one of the gift cards. Any day of the year, any holiday, put a smile on a black queen’s face as she can strut her stuff, with one of our many fashionable, hair wraps, body butters, So Magical tank tops and hair jewelry.

You don’t need a reason or holiday to spoil the Black woman in your life? The beauty of fashion gift cards is everyday becomes a reason to spoil her. Why not remind her that everyday she is what she is…a special, rare, lovely flower that can bloom to full queen status. What kind of hair wrap does she prefer? Let her make the choice from the Cheetah Hair Wrap, statement hair wrap, royalty hair and the many others.  Share the wonders of the many fashion gift cards we have available.

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