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The Queen Beauty Gift Basket – Fashion And Beauty Care


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The Queen Beauty Gift Basket screams fashion.  It covers something for the hair and soap for beauty skin care. 

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The Queen Gift Basket…

All hail the queen.  A queen has to work that extra mile to make sure she maintains her beauty standards.  With so many beauty and fashion items available, but with so little time, sometimes it pays to simplify.  Jypsy Magic’s queen beauty gift basket is your one stop solution to satisfy that special lady in your life needs, or for the queen herself to pull a boss move with the simplicity, but highly shiek, beauty gift basket for her. 

The queen beauty gift basket contains the following: 

  • A Black Magic Queen Tank Top
  • A Make Up Bag
  • Sage Waistbeads
  • Carry- black soap
  • Edge Control
  • Facial Mask
  • …And other goodies

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Dimensions12 × 11 × 4 in


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